About Us


At Legendary Luxury, we can provide our clients with a wide variety of timepieces –  from the most popular to the most unique and rare. If it’s not a piece that we currently have in stock, we have the resources to obtain it. From classic dress watches with refined dials and elegant cases, to bold sport watches with robust features and made from cutting-edge materials, there are endless variations of watch designs that cater to different tastes and styles.

Collectors may focus on specific brands, models or eras that resonate with their personal aesthetic preferences, or that hold particular significance.

No matter your level of involvement in the world of horology, Legendary Luxury will help make whatever timepiece you covet – yours.


Patrick Price

From a young age, I was captivated by the charm of timepieces, including wristwatches, pocket watches, and clocks. Receiving my first wristwatch, a Timex, at the age of 8, marked the beginning of a longstanding relationship with watches. My Timex served as more than just an accessory; it proved to be a steadfast companion in all my endeavors. At the age of 16, I accumulated enough funds from my summer jobs to buy my first scuba diving timepiece—a highly valued possession that hardly left my wrist.

Expert Taste

As the years have gone by, the timepiece on my wrist has increasingly become an integral aspect of my identity, a sentiment that remains true to this day. As I progressed in my personal growth, my ability to make informed judgments became more refined, prompting me to make investments in progressively more upscale timepieces for my collection. It was during this expedition that I encountered a worldwide community of like-minded enthusiasts whose passion mirrored my own. These individuals shared a common passion for these extraordinary works of art and the narratives they conveyed.

The collective enthusiasm gradually transitioned from an individual passion to a more expansive undertaking. I have evolved from being an enthusiastic collector to becoming a discerning provider of the highest quality timepieces. This move forward has not only been for my personal satisfaction, but also to cater to the preferences of friends and acquaintances who share my admiration for exceptional examples of horological craftsmanship.